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My daughter, aged 10, attended Kate’s My Imagination workshop before the summer and she absolutely loved it!  I asked her to describe it and her words were “it was really fun.  We did activities which taught us how to be grateful for things, there were arts and crafts too.  My favourite was a special project but I wont say what it was because I don’t want to spoil it for others!”

For someone who struggles with social skills in large groups this was perfect, she cant wait to go back!

– Grace, 10yrs


My daughter, aged 8, attended this workshop last term.  She really enjoyed the movement to music aspect of it and using her imagination.  She enjoyed the relaxation section and learnt how to use breathing techniques to become calm and focussed.  She also learnt that you should be grateful for what you have and maintain a positive mental attitude.

– Yulia, 8 yrs


My imagination has helped our daughter to understand her emotions better and has taught her important skills which she uses daily to manage her anxiety.

– Millie, 9yrs


My son started attending the My Imagination course end of 2018 as he struggled to regulate his emotions and he used to refer to himself in negative terms. He is doing his second course since he enjoyed and benefitted from the first course. As a result of the course he can tell me what will work for him when he feels emotionally overwhelmed. We also implemented the daily practise at dinner of each sharing what we’re grateful for something Kate’s course taught him. He really benefited from the material taught and practised…thank you Kate Broughton

-Josh, 8yrs