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Superpower Workshops 10+yrs


Superpower workshops


During these workshops we use science to help prove the theory that positive thoughts + positive feelings = positive results and they discover their inner superpowers of self-belief, Positive thinking, Positive feelings, Confidence, Mindfulness, Resilience, Gratitude, Smiling, Relationships, Self-love and many more.


We do this with the help of a group of specialised Superhero’s.  These Superhero’s help to expose the secret villain agents that hide out in our mind.


The first workshop of the series, The Power of Self-belief, will launch in 2021.  This workshop will be run live for 6 weeks.


Once you have purchased the course, you will receive:

  • The activity sheets and course material to download
  • Links to the live weekly zoom session (day to be confirmed)
  • and Daily mind training activities via email
  • Each child will become part of a support group for the duration of the course where they can ask for help or to give help to the group members as they work through the course.  This can act as an accountability group to keep on track with the activities.  These groups will be allocated just before the start date.


During the workshop the children learn techniques used by many people around the world, which are designed to focus the minds and manage feelings, become more confident and develop a more positive self image.

BE ANYTHING you choose!