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About Us

Hi, I’m Kate

I am the creator of My Imagination.

I was a very shy child and did not have many, or sometimes any friends at school.  I would spend my school days not talking to anyone and not having anyone to play with at playtime.  This shyness and lack of confidence carried on throughout my adulthood.

It was only when I started working at schools I noticed that anxiety and low confidence is on the rise in a lot of the youth of today with many of them struggling with low self-image and low confidence.  I noticed some children on the playground with no-one to play with like me.  This was when I decided I wanted to help and teach children how to build confidence now, before they became adults.    This was when My Imagination was born!

I have spent my entire career working with children in one capacity or another.  As a ballet teacher for over 15 years and having various positions working in schools and delivering creativity and dance workshops and PE sessions.

To create these workshops, I decided to combine my knowledge of working with children, my own life experiences growing up as a very shy child with low confidence and self-esteem, and my knowledge of the science behind “how we are is the direct result of how we think” and came up with My Imagination, a series of interactive workshops for children teaching skills and techniques to master these challenges.

Everything we choose to do in life starts with our self-image, how we see ourselves and being happy.

  “Only YOU can make yourself happy”


"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely!"

- Roald Dahl