What we Do

the Superheroes

The Superhero series is created for children to discover their inner superpowers of confidence, bravery, self-belief and many more.

To do this we activate the group of 5 specialised inner Superheroes .   By activating the Superheroes, children learn strategies to deal with anxiety, anger, low confidence, low self-esteem, how to become more resilient and how to face the many challenges in daily life.  And they learn to expose the secret undercover villain agents responsible for negative thoughts and feelings.

The skills taught in our courses help children to flip or interrupt their negative thoughts and change how they feel.  

What we do

Each workshops includes instructional videos, activity sheets, guided visualisation and science experiments to discover your inner scientist and prove the scientific theory that positive thoughts + positive feelings = positive results.

OBJECTIVE: To teach children skills and techniques they can use anytime, anywhere to build confidence, to build a more positive self-image, to learn to recognise and manage their feelings and to learn to focus their minds.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Anxiety, low confidence, low self-image and inability to recognise and manage feelings can be debilitating for children and it can prevent young people from taking part in activities outside and in school, making friends and being able to socialise and interact with others and it can affect their academic performance.

Giving children an emotional education as well as the means to manage in challenging situations will help them cope with life’s many ups and downs and ensure that they live happy, successful lives and achieve their dreams.

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