E-Book Superpower Series – Master your Emotional Wellbeing (10yrs+)


My Imagination – Developing minds of the future

This series of e-books and e-courses is for children who want to learn skills and techniques to take control of their emotional wellbeing, build a strong healthy mind and deal with the many challenges we face in life.

The Superpower series is designed to give children an easy to follow guide to build their positive mind muscles and create positive thinking habits that I have learned and applied to my own daily routine.

Each book includes activity sheets and mindfulness activities.



Do you want to know the secret to your child’s emotional intelligence?


The secret is, to discover and implement the Science of the MIND. 

By strengthening your mind muscles you will strengthen your inner Superpowers of confidence, bravery and self-belief!  


Your Image

Book 1 – is an introduction to the Superheroes and villains and it is also a chance to learn more about what makes You You! The main thing about all of our courses and books is the Science. You get a chance to discover the science of your mind through a series of experiments.

Book 2 – this is where you start to learn more about your mind and how to change habits. You will also learn about self-belief and how to build more self-belief through practical activities and science experiments

Book 3 – is all about putting your new skills into action and proving the theory of positive thinking through Science.  By now you will be activating your Superheroes daily, taking away your villains’ power anytime they come out of hiding all while building your inner power of self-belief.
Book 4 – is a sum up of all you have learnt so far and a chance to really put your skills into practise.

“Your thoughts, feelings and physical body work together to shape your overall experience of life. To really get a handle on how to improve mental health, embrace the fact that your state is within your control” – Tony Robbins



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