E-Course Superpower Series – Master your Emotional Wellbeing (10yrs+)


What is included

12 weeks of easy to follow material to build the skills to master your emotional wellbeing. Work through the material at your own pace and come back to it as many times as you want.

Downloadable activity sheets

Video guides to guide your child through the course every step of the way

Audio tracks to compliment the learning

Mind training activities

Access to extra mind training activities in the Mind Gym

Bonus gift: Free downloadable journal



Science is the secret to your child’s emotional intelligence!

Help your child learn skills to improve their emotional intelligence through this online course suitable for children 10yrs+


It is just as important for children to learn the skills to recognise and manage their feelings as it is to learn how to solve math problems.  This self study course is designed to teach children how to manage their thoughts and feelings, how to focus their mind and face any challenges in daily life by using science.  You will discover how thoughts and feelings influence your behaviour and how you can change them.

About the course

The course is broken down into easy to follow sections.  Each section includes video guides, activity sheets, science experiments, mind training with audio tracks and visualisation.

Overpower the villains

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You will discover that there are secret undercover villain agents hiding out in our mind and they are responsible for all of our negative feelings.  During this course you will learn skills and techniques on how to quieten them down and take away their power.


Activate your Superheroes

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Learn to activate your inner Superheroes in 5 simple steps.  The Superheroes are key to becoming a master of your own mind.


Stretch your Imagination

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Our focus is our most magical tool.  By using this power of focus strengthens the mind muscles with daily mind training. 





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