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What we do


My Imagination is based on the scientific theory that positive thoughts + positive feelings will give you positive results.  The power of positive thinking has been supported in medial journals and was recognised by Plato, the Greek philosopher as far back as 391BC.

To pass on my findings and prove this theory, I created a series of workshops called Super Power workshops.

The Power Workshops are designed where children can discover their own super powers of Self-belief, Positive thinking, Positive feelings, Confidence, Mindfulness, Resilience, Gratitude, Smiling, Relationships and many more…

These workshops are available online and include Maggie and the Superhero’s adventures (for 4-9yrs) and  Super Power Workshops (for 10yrs+)

Each workshops includes instructional videos, worksheets and activities for children to complete, science experiments where they discover their inner scientist and a guided visualisation which is an audio track.

Maggie and the Superhero’s adventures also includes extra craft activities with instructional video and a movement to music section for children to do along with the video.

The workshops are ideal for parents to use with their children at home, for teachers, nurseries, child minders and the home schooling community and for older children to complete independently.

OBJECTIVE: To teach children skills and techniques to build confidence, to build a more positive self-image, to learn to recognise and manage their feelings and to learn to focus their minds.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? Anxiety, low confidence, low self-image and inability to recognise and manage feelings can be debilitating for children and it can stop young people from taking part in activities outside and in school, making friends and being able to socialise and interact with others.

By giving children an emotional education and the tools to cope in difficult situations will help them deal with life’s many ups and downs and ensure they lead happy, successful lives and go for their dreams.

Every invention was once an idea in someone’s imagination