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Superpower Workshops 10+yrs

Superpower workshops


The workshops take a slightly different direction for these age groups.  We use science to help prove the theory that positive thoughts + positive feelings = positive results.

The Power Workshops are designed  where children can discover their own super powers of Self-belief, Positive thinking, Positive feelings, Confidence, Mindfulness, Resilience, Gratitude, Smiling, Relationships and many more…

Each workshops includes instructional videos, worksheets and activities for children to complete, science experiments where they discover their inner scientist and a guided visualisation which is an audio track.

The children learn techniques used by many people around the world, which are designed to focus their minds and manage their feelings.  Techniques that can be used in their every day lives.

They will learn techniques on how to become more confident and develop a more positive self image.

BE ANYTHING you choose!