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Maggie and the Superhero’s adventures 4-9yrs

Maggie and the Superhero’s adventures


Each workshop is based on a series of stories all about Maggie and her adventures.

Join Maggie and the Superhero’s on their adventures while discovering and using your own Superpowers. These powers will grow stronger on each adventure the more you use them.  There are tools to collect to help to expose the villains we may face along the way, while learning valuable skills and how to use them.

During the workshops, we go on an adventure with Maggie and the Superhero’s learning skills to build confidence, to  build a positive self image, how to calm and focus the mind, how to recognise and manage feelings and overcome any situation we come across.  Each workshop includes an introduction video, worksheets and practical activities, craft activity videos, movement to music video and a guided visualisation audio tracks.

The first of the series, Maggie and the Superhero’s adventures into the deep, dark jungle, will be available in 2021.